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[][][][][][][][] (Part 7) is the seventh part of Chapter 1 in the Fisheye Placebo series and was released to DeviantArt on July 31, 2018[1] and to Tapastic on August 8, 2018.[2]

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At their art studio, Cocoa excitedly welcomes Jen home and asks how her night went. Jen fills her in that while she was able to complete all her artwork just before the police showed up, they also shot at her, revealing that one of her spray cans has a gunshot hole in it, and that she barely escaped. More worrisome though is how quickly they found her this time, meaning her cat costume won't be useful much longer.

As Jen strips out of her outfit, Cocoa tells Jen she can make her another costume, though Jen remarks that unless they know what new system Solar Eye has in place, it may be useless. Ever upbeat, Cocoa states she'll do some research and figure something out for her friend. However, Jen shows reluctance, asking if it's even worth risking their lives over something that'll get painted over the next day and censored on the internet. While Cocoa tries to cheer her friend up and tells her that her work does matter and that many look to it as a symbol of the resistance, this appears to fall on deaf ears. Jen continues to voice her thoughts that she's gravely endangered both their lives and that her work doesn't make a difference before heading off to take a shower, not hearing Cocoa's response "You've always made a difference." Taking a shower, a dejected Jen quietly asks what she can possibly do now.

Over in Robin's apartment, Frey has investigated into the mysterious graffiti artist and learns her identity as Jen. He then orders Robin to get ready for tomorrow who responds with the affirmative.

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