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[][][][][][][][] (Part 8) is the eighth part of Chapter 1 in the Fisheye Placebo series and was released to DeviantArt and Tapastic on September 28, 2018.[1][2]

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The next day two Solar Eye cameras are seen as part of one of Jen's graffiti pieces from last night: a multistory tall police officer using the cameras as binoculars. As several police officers paint over it with white paint, a group of irate onlookers are taking photos while voicing their disapproval of the police.

Among them stands a quiet Robin, dressed in her male photographer disguise, as a dejected Jen approaches the crowd. As some of the onlookers try to share their photos online they're quickly blocked by Solar Eye's censorship while a blonde woman takes a photo of one of the police officers, stating he's a traitor. The police officer immediately demands no photos be taken and begins to strong arm the woman.

As this goes on, Robin, now with Jen standing next to her, quietly comments that it's a shame this piece of art is being covered up and that if she were the artist she'd feel frustrated at all the effort and risk that went into it for it to be covered up the next day. However, Robin then makes note that now every time she sees a freshly painted white wall she'll think there was some amazing artwork under it, even if there actually wasn't. As Jen looks at Robin in surprise, the blonde woman, now sporting a bloody face, cries out for help and the rest of the onlookers rush to her aid. As Jen watches the commotion she suddenly looks around only to see that Robin disappeared in the chaos and that one of the white paint buckets spilled over. While the paint puddles around her feet, Jen remembers Robin's words about there being something underneath the white paint. Her footsteps are then seen leaving the area.

Trivia Edit

  • On the censorship notice the words "there will be tea" is seen. This is a reference to "being invited to drink tea", a euphemism in China which means to be questioned by police or the disappearance of a political dissident.

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