Hello World! (Part 6) is the sixth part of Chapter 0 in the Fisheye Placebo series. It was first released to DeviantArt on October 21, 2013[1] and to Tapastic on October 28, 2013.[2]

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Summary Edit

Now with access to Solar Eye's internal network, Frey performs a heuristic search and begins to gather the many matching files. As he does so, he sees the Plague Doctor antivirus program, depicted as a black bird wearing a plague doctor's mask and hat, and hides his backdoor into the system. The program then scans the 2 Girls 1 Horse folder for any viruses and completes with no threats found, much to the IT worker's relief. However, back in the system, it shows Frey's avatar is still hidden within the system, emerging among the words "Zero Day".


  • The words "zero day" that Frey's avatar appears in is a direct nod to zero-day in software vulnerabilities.
  • The man at the end of the strip is Leo's avatar (a character that's yet to appear in the comics themselves).


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