Hello World! (Part 7) is the seventh part of Chapter 0 in the Fisheye Placebo series. It was first released to DeviantArt[1] on November 20, 2013 and to Tapastic on November 29, 2013.[2]

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The entire Lee family packs up the car to take Vance to college, with Alex noting almost everything Vance is bringing is just Red Cow, before the family heads out.

Elsewhere, Robin asks Frey how his hack went and he remarks he was able to recover over 50,000 files and while the sensitive files are locked, he also stole all the password hashes for the entire network so it'll only be a matter of time before he can access them. However, he feels they have plenty of time as it usually takes 10 months before the system discovers the vulnerability and fixes it. Robin then asks about the Vance situation and Frey informs her he has something special planned for "lover boy".

Meanwhile, the Lee family is driving along a road that borders up against an equally long wall and Vance asks his father about it. As his father informs him it was the one built by imperialists, Vance realizes the wall he'd learned about in school wasn't completely torn down back in 1989; in fact, only 10% of it was, while the other 90% was left standing and is now slowly deteriorating and acts as an unspoken border between the city and the slums. His father then remarks that maybe Vance should take some time away from all the porn and learn more about his country.

Before more can be said, they see a small break in the wall and Vance and Alex, having never known poverty or seen anything regarding it, remark on the slum's dirty appearance and wonder how anyone can survive like that. As their father tells them he lived through worse, having lived off rats and tree bark back in China during the 60s, they stop at a red light and begging children from the slums appear. However, instead of giving anything, the parents quickly lock the doors. When Alex and Vance ask if they can at least give them food, their father gives them a firm no, explaining that the children are trying to use sympathy to get the family to drop their defenses, but as soon as they do, the children (who are secretly armed with knives) will attack and rob them. The light then turns green and the family quickly drives off, but not without Alex and Vance looking crestfallen from the hopeless ordeal.


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