Hello World! (Part 8) is the eighth and final part of Chapter 0 in the Fisheye Placebo series. It was first released to DeviantArt on January 9, 2014[1] and to Tapastic on January 8, 2014.[2]

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Vance and his family finally arrive at his university's assigned dormitory and see it's rather lack luster: the building itself looks like it's falling apart and rather questionable in appearance. His mother immediately questions if this is the right building, while his father is excited at seeing the room.

However, the room itself proves to be no better, looking more like a cramped prison cell than a dorm room and with weird features, like two toilets in the tiny bathroom. As his mother continues to show her displeasure with her son's new living situation, Alex sees Frey's violin on one of the beds, suggesting Robin's already moved in but not there at the present moment. Their father then comments that, compared to his student experience in China, this room feels like a mansion, much to his wife's dismay. She then suggests they can easily afford a nicer apartment for Vance to stay in, but Alex speaks up, stating it should be Vance's decision. Suddenly put on the spot, Vance is hesitant on how to answer until he sees Robin's bra peeking out from the bottom of the bed and, with that, decides to stay.

Meanwhile, on a nearby roof, Frey and Robin are watching as Vance moves into the dorm room and says goodbye to his family, with Robin disapproving of Frey's plan and asks him why he's taking such a risk. Frey informs her it's because Vance is everything he sees wrong with the country: he's educated, well off, and tech savvy and thus has the means to do something about the corruption but instead he's completely apathetic about the government and is satiated with trivial matters and shallow entertainment, making him a "sheep in man's clothing". When Robin then asked Frey what he intended to do to this sheep, Frey stated he was to be their first experiment: they'd expose him, break him, and change him.

Vance, having finished taking a shower, puts on a towel and walked into the main dorm room expecting to see Robin. Instead, he stopped dead in his tracks, his towel dropping in the process, as he sees not Robin but Frey, who greets him as "roomie".

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