Jen is a second year student[1] at Stuxent University and Cocoa's friend and roommate. She contributes to the protests and calls for democracy in CERia with her artistic skills, mainly seen in her graffiti.

Biography Edit

The same night Frey takes Vance to go dumpster diving, Jen is in another part of the city, painting anti-government propaganda around the area. She's eventually cornered by police but, prepared for such, sets off a colorful smoke bomb and manages to escape from them and makes her way to her and Cocoa's art studio. While the police were intending to look over surveillance footage the next day to try and catch her, Frey was already erasing imagery of him and Vance from that night and, on seeing Jen in some videos, also erases her imagery.

Appearance Edit

Jen has black hair, brown eyes, light brown skin, and wears a black hoodie with goggles sewn into the hood. She wears teal and pink eyeshadow, as well as lipstick. She uses a gas mask and goggles which are incorporated into her jacket's hood to hide her identity from the authorities during her graffiti nights.

When not in her cat costume she wears a black hoodie with a teal shirt with a pink design underneath, dark jeans, and boots.

Trivia Edit

  • Her graffiti is inspired by street artist Bansky.
  • Her name appears to be a shorthand version of her real first name (Jenice). She also appears to have a surname, though it's not legible in the comics thus far.[1]

References Edit

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