Leo is the new head of the Solar Eye. Leo's job of maintaining information throughout CERia crosses with Frey's ambition to take down the higher ups by shedding light on their corruption. 

Biography Edit

Leo appears to be rather bright, having graduated from college at 18 and worked for a couple years as a penetration tester for a private security company before being transferred to Solar Eye when he was 20 years old and worked his way up the ranks.[1] However, unlike others, Leo wasn't born into a well off family and thus had to work his way up the ladder by himself. As such, he detests those born into privileged lifestyles and who got their positions through connections, like his secretary Eva, and takes it upon himself to make her life miserable as her new boss.[2]

He was recently promoted as the new head of Solar Eye after the previous head failed to do his job efficiently. While he's not well liked by those at this job, being considered arrogant and nuts, he doesn't care to please them as he tends to be right and he's only in it as he enjoys the war aspect of tracking down dissidents.[1] However, as he takes rather unconventional approaches from what his predecessor's done, such as employing the services of imprisoned hackers,[3] he's become a formidable opponent to those who try to spread discourse in CERia.

Despite working for the government, he actually doesn't believe in its ideologies. Instead, he sees his position at Solar Eye as a way to do things that would otherwise be illegal as a regular citizen.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • He likes to quote from Sun Tzu's The Art of War while giving out commands.[1]
  • He pretends to flirt but is actually just trying to scare the person, like using pick up lines that serial murderers would use.[1]


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