Mel is a gamer girl who enjoys trolling system admins but is otherwise apathetic about everything else in the real world.[2] She's currently a member of Team Back Attack, working with Solar Eye to catch Frey.

Biography Edit

She used to be part of a chaotic neutral hacker crew along with Michael and Jay before they were all caught and imprisoned. After Leo took over Solar Eye, he offered to waive their sentences if they helped him track down No.44 (Frey). However, they're constantly confined to Solar Eye's HQ and have to wear ankle trackers at all times. Despite this, she has no personal feelings regarding Solar Eye: she doesn't care who No. 44 is, she just likes the thrill of the hunt as it's the closest thing to video games she can get while in confinement.[1]

Relationships Edit

She finds her team member Michael's politeness to be very creepy because his online handle is "604753" and she merely ignores the other member Jay when he messes with her beanie.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • When Mel is not playing video games, she is amassing her small army of botnets to sell on Dark Net, which pays for her gaming addiction.[1]
  • Team Back Attack were initially surprised Mel was a girl as "there are no girls on the internet."

References Edit

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