Robin Soloviev is a student at Stuxent University, majoring in Photo Journalism. She works with Frey by assisting him with hacking into Solar Eye

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Robin's childhood, though she was born in CERia[1] after its cultural revolution before ending up in the UK during her high school years and attending the same Catholic school as Frey.[2] Together, the two worked on a plan to return to CERia, eventually doing so by the time they were college age, with her enrolling as an international student at Stuxent University.

Appearance Edit

Robin has bright green eyes and red hair, with long bangs in the front but cropped in the back. She tends to wear checkered clothing.

She can also pass off for a male when she binds her chest and ties her bangs back, thus looking like she has short hair.

Personality Edit

Robin is shown to be a stoic young woman who doesn't really speak much, and when she does it's straight to the point. The only person she seems to trust is Frey, considering he's the only person she ever talks to and is comfortable changing in front of him.  

Trivia Edit

  • Robin was originally draw as a random fashion doodle. However, as Yuumei worked on Fisheye Placebo, she felt that design would fit well as one of the protagonists.[3]
  • She was drawn a second time for the "cat headphones" concept design before officially becoming Robin.
  • Robin hates skirts and so to get around the requirement in Catholic school, she wore pants underneath, much to the chagrin of her teachers.[2]

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