Toby is a boy who lives with his dog and best friend, Artemis Saskia von Englestein, in the e-waste slum of the city and survives by picking up scrapped electronics and turning them into computers, stealing WiFi, and teaching himself how to hack.[1] He occasionally receives free food from Cocoa.[2]

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Toby is shown as a young boy with dark brown hair, tanned skin, and green eyes. He often wears a salvaged top hat along with various vests and green shorts. He is seen with his dog, Artemis, at all times.

Artist Description Edit

A boy and his dog.
To be more specific, a savant boy living in the e-waste slum with his best friend, Artemis. He survives by salvaging the trashed electronics and building his own computers, stealing wifi, and teaching himself how to hack. The occasional free food from Cocoa is always welcomed. Despite his poverty stricken status, he wears a salvaged top hat, and believes himself to be fortunate. After all, the government is supposed to be the servant of the people, and therefore he is the master of many.[1]

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